Mixing-Granulating-Fluid Bed Systems

Mixing-Granulating-Fluid Bed Systems

Arcon supplies highly efficient Mixer Granulators and Fluid Bed Systems for the pharmacy and instant food production that fully comply with the strict GMP standards. They are suitable for laboratory use, pilot and large scale production.

The multifunctional Fluid Bed Systems can perform granulating, drying and coating processes in a single machine, saving floorspace and reducing production time. Our complete range offers different working capacities from 1 kg up to 600 kgs/batch. Their excellent heat transfer and speed of drying guarantee short drying time even of thermo-sensitive products.
Depending on the product and the type of coating the systems can be top, bottom or side spray type.

The Mixer Granulators also combine multiple processes into a single machine (dry and wet powder mixing plus granulation). The fully automatic, closed-type operation reduces the risk of contamination and has many successful references across a variety of applications in the pharmaceutical industry. With machines to accommodate working volumes of 8- 480 litres and average working batches of 2 - 200 kg,  Arcon is sure to supply a solution that meets your requirements.

The main features of the Mixer Granulators and Fluid Bed Systems are:
  • Fast and effective drying even of thermo- sensitive products.
  • Homogeneous granules and uniform product quality.
  • Easy to operate and maintain.
  • Dust free operation.
  • Easy cleaning –water cleaning of the inside can be done.
  • GMP compliant design.
  • Cost effective.