Kibbler Mill

Kibbler pre-breaker mills are able to work in conjunction with other mills or as stand alone machines. The Kibbler is a robustly designed mill that is capable of demolishing large lumps in preparation for further processing. These lumps can be up to 150 mm in size and it is possible to reduce these down to 2 or 3 mm. Size reduction takes place through a combination of impact, crushing, cutting and abrasion as the slow speed, heavy-duty beater sweeps the product against the contoured grinding screen.
Some Kibbler models are available with cantilevered grinding beaters. These beaters are ideal for lighter duty food, pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals applications. The design offers improved hygiene and easier cleaning through the elimination of one set of bearings and seals. The non-drive end access door can be opened and closed more rapidly, making access easier and reducing grinding screen change times.

 Benefits of using Kibbler Mill: 
  • Screens are easily removed for quick changing and easy cleaning.
  • Strong and robust construction - heavy duty beater and screens.
  • Operator friendly.
  • Low speed results in low heat, low dust and low noise operations.
  • Wide range of grinding screen sizes/types and interchangeable beaters, which allow full control of milled particle sizes.
The typical applications of the Kibbler Mill include deagglomeration, pre-breaking and coarse grinding of large lumps of soft to medium hard materials.