Automatic Units

Arcon supplies fully automatic filling, stoppering and capping units suitable for both clinical trials and small to medium scale production with a high frequency of product changes. They make a very attractive solution for a number of different applications such as bio-tech products, injection liquids, diagnostics kits, lyophilization and eye drops.  
Our range is capable of working with many different liquids, fill volumes (from 0.1 - 250 ml) and a range of containers. Integrated peristaltic fillers ensures accurate filling of better than ± 1% and prevent costly overfills, even on very small fill volumes.
With extensive experience in the pharmaceuticals industry, clients are assured that all systems have been designed to adhere to the strict hygiene requirements of the industry, as well as maintaining GMP standards.

Key advantages of the automatic units:
  • Integrated plugging facility for rubber stoppers (with diameter from 16 mm to max. 52 mm)
  • Crimp or  screw capping functions capable of speeds of up to 75 units per minute depending upon fill volume.
  • Customised to fit most glass vials, plastic bottles, test tubes, eye-droppers or non-self standing microtubes.
  • Quick and easy changeover between batches.
  • The liquid only comes in contact with a single use path, which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination.
  • The units have a compact foot print.
  • Designed for intensive use in a GMP environment.