Universal Mill

Our fine grinding Universal mills are robustly designed for high performance, easy maintenance and safety of operation. They are very suitable for the fine-food processing industries for grinding spices, salt, flour and similar.
A range of models are available to suit a variety of throughput requirements, from a few kilograms to several tonnes per hour.
Universal mills ensure size reduction is controlled and high degrees of fineness are achieved. Typical requirements are to grind materials of up to 3 Mohs hardness to within the ranges of 30 to 50µ mean particle size. 

 Benefits of using Universal Mills:
  • Flexible - suitable for many products and particle size requirements.
  • Easy and efficient cleaning between batches.
  • Optional temperature control and cryogenic grinding for heat-sensitive products.
  • Easy integration into new or existing production lines.
The typical applications of the Universal Mill include grinding of powdered sugar, micro fine salt, rice and wheat flour, casein and whey powder, spices and similar.